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We understand your challenges

The modern age of technology has created an array of opportunities for businesses to find qualified talented resources in a efficient and timely manner, and at the same time being strategically profitable. Some of these challenges are:

  • High costs-salaries, labor liabilities, real estate and utilities
  • A high demand but global shortage of qualified and certified IT talent resources
  • A strong need for Nearshore/Offshore solutions but no time and resources to go through this process
  • Not being able to focus on your Core Business
  • Issues with remote work in LATAM, due to low connectivity in home office and hiring remote resources are complicated

AltiaTek provides you with flexibility, affordability and custom solutions. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and team of experts on board that take care of the hard work, we allow you to focus on what you do best saving your TIME, MONEY and EFFORTS.

Our One Stop Solution model is designed to offer complete support in establishing a B2B tailored made solution for your technology business.

Cost effective solutions

Lower and more predictable cost structure and higher ROI than maintaining your own staff as we offer trained talent pool at worldwide competitive costs.

Certified resources

  • AltiaTek provides certified trained talent, and we can also generate customized training programs through our SkillNOW training center, where we train in the highest quality and industry standards in our centers of excellence.
  • You can easily scale your team up as you plan to leverage other skills or to build your own custom solutions. All through our AltiaTek business model.

Focus on your core business

  • Our B2B solution comes with not just IT tech talent but has everything you need to operate and run your business from day one.
  • Your AltiaTek nearshore team manages all human talent needs, so your staff can focus on more strategic priorities and projects.
  • No travel, no training costs, no need to have an extensive management team.
  • No legal incorporation required.
  • Full management support at site at your disposal.

AltiaTek operates out of Altia Smart City

Clients can benefit by not having to invest in infrastructure, systems and services already in place in our state of the art Smart City.

Altia Smart City is strategically located in Honduras, the best nearshore location in the region, developed for IT and outsourcing industries, offers a complete business and technology driven solution through its smart city concept with its 5 main components:

  • Technology Park, State of the Art Facilities offering turnkey world class office Space Solutions
  • Rec-Zen Social Hub that includes restaurant coffee shop terraces game room, and much more
  • Unitec University within our campus the most prestigious university in Honduras
  • Lifestyle Center, more than 100 retail spaces including banks, restaurants, gym, movie theaters, shops, etc.
  • Altia Residences: fully furnished 1- or 2-bedroom apartments with all amenities included
  • Executive Hotel: for client visitors all year long

What We Offer

  • Internet Connection with Multiple Back-ups
  • Employee Retention Program for your team (onboarding, wellness program, free counseling and psychology services, world class employee experience, exciting career paths)
  • World-class IT & Data Security
  • 24-hour Facilities
  • Full-time Onsite IT Managers
  • Quick Set Up Times

AltiaTek’s flexible solution tailored to your needs!

Regardless of the size of your team, you can use both private offices and dedicated workspaces for your team to get work done, AltiaTek takes care of the rest.

Our B2B Solutions include:

Apply your corporate branding to your space

Do you need a private separate office space for your team to work in? We’re here to help you succeed. Your team can be housed in their own private space and offices within AltiaTek floors. Your space can be branded with your company’s identity and fitted out as you would your own offices. This gives you an international extension of your company and looks and feels and acts as your own.

Shared Space

We can also offer a dedicated space as part of our shared space option, and all team members sit next to each other to foster collaboration.


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