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Holistic asset discovery to meet business demands


To sustain, build, or even transform your business, you need to know the technology assets that drive it. And if your job is to track these assets, you need a clearer and broader picture of everything you have. A myopic view of assets in pockets of your business won’t do.


So how do you build a bigger and better picture of assets in your enterprise? Follow these steps:

  • Start with the data you already have
  • Build a strategy around data you need
  • Work with your operations management team to set up the discovery technology
  • Create workflows for continuously refining an expanding view of your assets

Keeping digital services running 24/7


Business situation – The pace of digital transformation is growing exponentially as are the demands for IT operations to deliver resilient and secure services. Traditional IT approaches are often reactive when problems occur. Successful digital services require proactive and predictive operations.

IT operations management challenge – The reactive break-fix model of finding and fixing problems after they impact users no longer works for IT operations. Cloud and DevOps create agility but also add complexity due to their dynamic nature. Without the proper tools, IT and service operations are stuck in a constant reactive mode. The processes of identifying issues and correlating events or incidents are too slow and error prone. Too much day-to-day operations noise and lack of business service visibility limit potential success. Manual processes and repetitive tasks sap productivity for IT staff. Too often, IT teams are just trying to keep the lights on and are unable to add business value.

Solution – single platform for IT Operations Management With ServiceNow®, the IT organization has full control over resources, both onpremises and in the cloud. With comprehensive AIOps capabilities built seamlessly on the Now Platform®, IT teams can run proactive operations. ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) paired with IT Service Management (ITSM) helps you improve your IT maturity from reactive and responsive to proactive and selfhealing. Break downsilos, eliminate friction, improve process automation, and enable continuous improvement with the power of AIOps and machine learning.

Your success defines… our success.

When engaging with AltiaTek consultants in a transformation project, we have an constant open and honest dialogue about our relationship and we measure your satisfaction to ensure your experience working with us is a great one.


We collaborate with a “we are a single team” mindset with our customers, and adapt our practices to your culture and habits, where needed to make us more effective together.

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