With SkillNOW, we’re cultivating the future leaders in ServiceNow through our comprehensive training and development program.

As part of our first Center of Excellence in Honduras, we’re dedicated to growing the next generation of ServiceNow talent.

Through our partnership with ServiceNow’s RiseUp program and AltiaTek, we’re bringing exciting job opportunities from the global IT market to emergent economies, providing individuals with a life-changing IT career path.

SkillNOW aims to contribute to ServiceNow Rise Up program to skill one million people by 2024.

At Altiatek, we we’re thrilled to honor the hard work, dedication, and achievements of our incredible graduates from Cohort 1 & 2. Watch our graduation moments and join us once again in applauding the accomplished, extraordinary group of AltiaTek individuals who have conquered technical challenges, surpassed expectations, and emerged as Certified System Administrators in ServiceNow.


AltiaTek is a modern, fresh technology partner and we aim to provide great employee experiences.

As a key component to achieve on that promise, we concentrate where our people work, in the Center of Excellence.

The Center of Excellence is our ServiceNow Center of Expertise – our experts work together on customer projects, learn from each other and enroll in the skillsNOW knowledge development curricula.

The Center of Excellence is located near-shore to the US market, enabling a collaboration experience that is in real time, in their own time zone, and with people that feel confident having a business conversation in English.

In the Center of Excellence, all Consultants are co-located to enhance collaboration and optimize communication. Plus they feel connected to each other and that drives employee retention and in the end, a great customer service.

With the team sitting together, we form the basis for our High-Performance team model approach on how we assign our experts to your project. By assigning the work to a team – instead of an individual – they work together, share knowledge and best practices, do peer review to double check the quality of their work, and you are not dependent on the limits of what an individual ServiceNow certified expert knows. Think of it as a whole team working for you!

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Center of Excellence

Our Center of Expertise.

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